Assault Wrap

Take it to those big mouths…

About this Design

Change Colors, Add Any Logos, See it on Your Boat, Make it Yours! NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Designed with tender loving care, this design is guaranteed to please! Printed on premium 3M Vinyl with UV laminate. Typical lifespan is 3 years if you leave it out in the sun year round, never clean it, and well… just flat out don’t take care of it. However, if you store it out of the weather during the off-season and keep the beer and gas off of it during the summer, our wraps can last up to 10 years. However, we recommend removing them within 5 years so it removes cleanly and most of all, who wants to look outdated? A new boat costs too much, time to update with a fresh new wrap!

Vinyl: 3M IJ-180cV3
• A 2Mil Ultra-Premium Cast Vinyl.
• 10 year durability (unprinted)
• 5 year durability (printed)
• Clean removability within 5 years. After 5 years it becomes increasingly difficult to remove.

Laminate: 3M 8518 Gloss or 3M8520 Matte – Your Choice!
• A 2Mil Ultra-Premium UV Cast Laminate
• Gloss is standard
• No additional charge for matte laminate.

We highly recommend your boat wrap is installed by a professional.  If you can not bring your boat to a Wrap World 3M Preferred Installer, we can locate an installer for you anywhere in the nation! Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you schedule your installation.

If you’re attempting to install your wrap, or your wrap is being installed at your location be aware of the following:
• Area must be clean: no dust, dirt, or loose particles.
• Area must be climate-controlled: A temperature between 70-75 degrees is optimal.
• Area must be enclosed: Open areas are prone to wind, weather, or even bugs and can quickly ruin an installation.
• Area must have plenty of room: We recommend a minimum of 6ft. around the boat. The panels are large and need lots of room. 6ft. is tight, but for most installers will do.
• Area must be very well lit: Adequate lighting is very important so you can remedy trouble areas such as bubbles, wrinkles, or over stretching.

There are important considerations to consider to determine if a wrap is right for you!

  1. Typically the wrap will NOT cover the front 6-12 inches of the keel. This is because when loading the boat into a traditional trailer, the keel will slide into the rubber winch wheel and instantly damage the wrap. To prevent this, we cut the wrap back several inches on both sides exposing the original gelcoat of your boat which will fare much better.
  2. We highly recommend stopping the wrap at the water line. Though many of our customers wrap below with great results, all vinyl manufacturers void any responsibility for the wrap.
  3. We also recommend stopping the wrap from going too high on the boat. We like to stop it short of the edge of the deck, before it turns flat (where people walk/step into the boat). This will help to avoid damage from foot traffic, dragging coolers, water sports equipment, and more.
  4. Not all areas can or should be wrapped. Please consult your installer prior to installation for advice.

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